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From: Marias N
Dear Friend,
The famous Russian psycho linguist Lev Vygotsky summed up what all great sages and philosophers down the centuries know very well:
“Consciousness is reflected in the word like the sun is reflected in a droplet of water. The word is related to consciousness like a living cell is related to an organism, like an atom is related to the cosmos. The meaningful word is a microcosm of human consciousness.”
Indeed words – my words, your words – are the means through which we give concrete reality to our rather ephemeral thoughts. And they are very powerful !
Words can be life impacting..
Words can trigger your emotions and alter your perceptions, opinions and beliefs. They can manipulate your needs and desires. Make you happy or sad. Give you comfort or agonise you. Make you weak or strong. Heal or hurt. Bring honour or humiliation.  Make you compassionate or provoke you to anger.
As such, you can influence people's thinking and behaviour by what you say. In turn, with words you can be persuaded, controlled and cajoled by what other people say to you.
Such is the power of words that we all but take for granted.
But by creating the right mental images for what these words convey and by harnessing your association of thoughts with what they imply, you can empower yourself and unfold your destiny in life-affirming ways.
And that’s what I have set out to accomplish in my ground breaking work “Cherish the word”.   I have attempted to provide refreshingly new interpretation and fresh meanings to words – far deeper and empowering that their conventional definitions.   I hope it will eventually help you see life in a new and meaningful perspective.  
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